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Boost AI data readiness with BioTeam’s expertise

Reliable AI depends on high-quality data. With over 20 years of experience managing healthcare data, BioTeam has developed deep expertise in building sound data foundations to power accurate AI/ML models for scientific research.

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Join us for our two-part webinar series to learn more:

The Importance of Research Cyberinfrastructure Expertise in Modern Scientific Research
Dr. Blake Joyce, Senior Scientific Consultant at BioTeam
November 8, 1pm EST

Modern research is evolving rapidly with AI and data science, requiring more complex cyberinfrastructure. While many organizations understand the hardware and software needs, the professionals managing and translating cyberinfrastructure are overlooked. Dr. Blake Joyce shares insights on building teams to unlock AI and analytics. Diverse expertise integrates research needs into computing support. Effective teams translate needs into cloud, HPC, AI, data management, and scientific software to benefit R&D.

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Can We Save Lives with AI? Data Readiness in Healthcare and Life Sciences
Dr. Ari Berman, CEO at BioTeam

Artificial intelligence shows promise but requires well-annotated datasets to create useful machine learning models, especially in healthcare. Most biomedical data currently lacks the preparation needed for effective AI. Dr. Ari Berman explores how better data practices could enable analytics and AI to advance disease detection, precision medicine, and overall quality of life. While AI is heavily marketed, real-world biomedical data is not yet AI-ready. With the right data preparation, analytics and AI could transform patient care and improve outcomes.

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