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Enhancing Scientific Data Quality and Access to Improve AI-Driven Drug Discovery

AI analytics play a significant role in your drug discovery process—and high-quality, robust data are the foundation for accurate and reliable analytics. BioTeam’s expertise in data and technology in scientific environments has allowed us to help pharma organizations like yours to improve data quality.

It’s not only about speed; AI-driven drug discovery also increases precision and cost-effectiveness, offering hope for faster access to innovative treatments and cures for complex diseases. AI’s potential to uncover novel therapeutic solutions is changing the landscape of healthcare and ushering in a new era of pharmaceutical innovation.

Join us for our webinar series to learn more:

Can We Save Lives with AI? Data Readiness in Healthcare and Life Sciences
Dr. Ari Berman, CEO at BioTeam
October 17, 1pm EST

Artificial Intelligence is among the most talked about and heavily marketed areas of computational science today. As an area of research, it shows a lot of promise. As a practical and useful computational tool, especially in Healthcare and Life Sciences, there’s a long way to go before it is generally useful. The primary issue in these are areas of science is that AI requires well understood and well-annotated datasets in order to create modern Machine Learning (ML) inference models that can help interpret research data and ultimately, save lives. Unfortunately, the vast majority of data in this field are not AI-ready.

Beyond the buzzwords of artificial intelligence and big data, this webinar delves into the pivotal role of data readiness in the pursuit of saving lives and advancing our understanding of biology. We will discuss how healthcare organizations are leveraging advanced analytics to work towards transforming patient care, enabling early disease detection, tailoring treatments, predicting health outcomes, and making precision medicine a reality. Dr. Ari Berman, CEO at BioTeam, will discuss BioTeam’s knowledge of the current state of the market as it relates to data readiness for analytics and AI, and how better data practices might lead to real advancements in drug development and enhancing the quality of life and health for all.

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The Importance of Research Cyberinfrastructure Expertise in Modern Scientific Research
Dr. Blake Joyce, Senior Scientific Consultant at BioTeam
November 8, 1pm EST

Modern research is rapidly evolving in the era of AI and Data Science. Likewise, modern scientific research computing ecosystems, often called research cyberinfrastructure (CI), have become increasingly intricate in response to these modern research needs. Many research organizations understand the importance of research CI hardware and software. However, the professionals who create, manage, and translate the power of research CI into the hands of researchers are the most important, and most often overlooked, research CI component.

Join Dr. Blake Joyce, Senior Scientific Consultant at BioTeam, to gain insights from BioTeam’s experience helping scientific organizations build CI teams to unlock the power of AI and advanced research analytics. Learn best practices for (1) integrating the diverse expertise of CI Facilitators, Research Software Engineers, and CI Professionals to translate research data management and analysis needs into cloud, high-performance computing, AI/ML, and advanced scientific software support CI, and (2) how to improve the effectiveness of existing research computing teams to benefit the entire R&D organization.

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A scientific IT consulting company at the intersection of science, data and technology since 2002, BioTeam is relentlessly focused on closing the gap between what scientists want to do with data—and what they can do.

As scientists, data scientists and technologists with deep experience in biotech, pharma, government, academia and non-profits, we are dedicated to empowering other scientists to change the world even faster. Drawing on our hands-on knowledge of lab technologies, bioinformatics, clinical informatics, genomics, structural biology and more, we are able to understand your scientific needs and translate them into powerful IT designs.

We have the passion—and the interdisciplinary capabilities—to solve your most complex scientific data and technology problems.

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