Olivia Park

Scientific Systems Engineer

Contact Information

Email: olivia@bioteam.net


Olivia joins BioTeam as a Scientific Systems Engineer. She has experience working with JavaScript, React and Next.js as a web developer.  She has formal training as a biologist and biochemist.

Focus Areas:

  • Cloud
  • UI / UX


  • Cloud Technologies: Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Azure
  • React, JavaScript, Next.js

Scientific Areas:

  • Wet Lab Experience
  • Web Development: JavaScript, React, Next.js, SQL, Python, Django, Docker
  • Microscopy


Prior to joining BioTeam, Olivia completed her Bachelor’s degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After college, she moved to San Francisco, CA and took a job at Color Genomics as one of the first Clinical Lab Associates.  Master’s degree in Biochemistry at Virginia Tech. Looking to apply to medical school she worked as a medical scribe, taking notes for doctors in the Emergency Room. However, after a year of working, she realized that becoming a doctor did not match her aspirations. After much thought and soul searching, she applied to a number of coding bootcamps and settled for an asynchronous learning experience. There, she completed ten projects and was able to showcase her work to potential employers.

Personal Interests:

Olivia loves to read and knit during her free time. Every year she sets a goal to read 100 books, and although never gets to that goal, loves to read as much as she can.


Blacksburg, VA