Join BioTeam at Bio-IT World: Sept 20-22, 2021

02 Sep 2021 Join BioTeam at Bio-IT World: Sept 20-22, 2021

Learn from BioTeam and other experts about the latest trends at the intersection of science research, data science and advanced technologies. The 20th annual at Bio-IT World Conference and Expo on September 20-22, 2021, will connect the people, ideas, and opportunities of the life science industry to accelerate R&D and drive the future of medicine. More details and registration here.

Attend the BioTeam workshops and discussions and visit us at our booth.

Pre-Conference Workshop W3: Storage Design Landmines and How to Avoid Them: Monday Sept 20 | 8:00-9:30am – Virtual Only – Shane Corder, Senior Scientific Consultant, Engineering, BioTeam, Inc.

Designing a storage system can be challenging. Often, workload and data storage demands are not fully understood, leading to buyer’s remorse. A thorough assessment of your existing environment and any plans for future growth should guide each decision. In this session, we explore the pitfalls and factors to consider when designing futureproof storage, including data management, tiering, replication, and what services or infrastructure may work best for your needs.

Pre-Conference Workshop W6: Networking Design: Monday Sept 20 | 9:45-11:15am – Virtual Only – Brandon Patton, Director, Network Services, BioTeam, Inc.

This workshop will review some common infrastructure scenarios in life sciences environments and present modern networking solutions that address problems in those environments and enable scientific research.

Pre-conference workshop W12: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Monday Sept 20 | 2:30-4:00pm – On Site and Virtual

Anna Sowa, PhD, Senior Scientific Consultant, BioTeam, Inc.

Fernanda S. Foertter, PhD, Director of Applications, NextSilicon

In this talk, we will address various aspects of an organization – the people, processes, and platforms – that can be assessed and structured for ML/AI success. In ML: Ready, Set, Go, we will explore the various stages of launching ML technology within your organization and their impact on the following areas: Infrastructure & Platforms, Data Hygiene, Data Management & Data Governance, Strategy Alignment, Tools & Analytics.

Portable Genomics and How It Can Be Used for Biosurveillance: Tuesday, Sept 21 | 8:10 – 8:40am – On Site and Virtual – Laura Boykin, PhD, Senior Scientific Consultant, BioTeam

Portable DNA sequencing and computing technologies have great potential for point-of-care solutions with real-time results. In this talk I will outline how we have used the Oxford Nanopore portable genomics technology to sequence whole plant virus genomes on the farms in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. I will also cover the gaps in computing we have identified with our on farm genomic sequencing and discuss potential applications for biosurveillance.

Plenary Keynote Panel Discussion: Trends From The Trenches: Wednesday, Sept 22 | 2:00 – 3:30pm – On Site and Virtual

Panel Moderator: Kevin Davies, PhD, Executive Editor, The CRISPR Journal; Founding Editor, Bio-IT World


  • Chris Dagdigian, Senior Director, BioTeam, Inc.
  • Fernanda S. Foertter, PhD, Director of Applications, NextSilicon
  • Karl Gutwin, PhD, Director, Software Engineering Services, BioTeam, Inc.
  • Adam Kraut, Director Infrastructure & Cloud Architecture, BioTeam, Inc.

Since 2010, the “Trends from the Trenches” presentation, given by Chris Dagdigian, has been one of the most popular annual traditions on the Bio-IT Program. The intent of the talk is to deliver a candid (and occasionally blunt) assessment of the best, the worthwhile, and the most overhyped information technologies (IT) for life sciences. The presentation has helped scientists, leadership, and IT professionals understand the basic topics related to computing, storage, data transfer, networks, cloud, data science, and machine learning that are involved in supporting data-intensive science. In 2021, Chris will give the “Trends from the Trenches” presentation in its original “state-of-the-state address” followed by guest speakers giving podium talks on relevant topics. An interactive Q&A moderated discussion with the audience follows. Come prepared with your questions and commentary for this informative and lively session.

Panel Session: Inclusion and Diversity in Life Sciences: Producing Stronger Research and Sparking Innovation – Wednesday, Sept 22 | 4:00 – 5:00pm – Virtual

Panel moderatorAllison Proffitt, Editorial Director, Bio-IT World


  • Ari E Berman, PhD, CEO, BioTeam Inc
  • Stephanie Hintzen-Matoian, Senior Associate Data Scientist II, bluebird bio
  • Kevin M Ileka, PhD, Chemist, Process Chemistry, Bristol Myers Squibb Co
  • Annastasiah M. Mhaka, PhD, Co-Founder & Convenor, AAIH; Founder, Mawambo
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