We are here to help battle COVID-19 with you

19 Mar 2020 We are here to help battle COVID-19 with you

The global Coronavirus pandemic is changing lives in ways that nobody could have predicted. Healthcare workers and hospitals on the frontline are being pushed to their limits. Behind the scenes, our friends and colleagues in the labs are stretched thin racing to deliver results and finding cures. BioTeam has many areas of expertise that could be helpful to organizations that are currently racing to find a solution to this problem.

BioTeam is offering up to 40 hours of services at NO CHARGE* in the areas of scientific computing, cloud, IT, and strategic consulting services to any laboratory or data science group that is directly developing antiviral therapies or vaccines specifically targeting COVID-19.

We are driven to do all that we can to help and support the global and coordinated efforts that are needed to halt this pandemic. These are extraordinary times. We need to unite to stop this scourge. 

How can we help?

BioTeam is an interdisciplinary group of experts that has been solving complex life science problems at the intersection of science and technology for two decades. We have mobilized and adapted our strategies and methods every time that science or technology has fundamentally shifted; this is one of those times. COVID-19 is poised to be one of the most complex human problems that the world has ever faced and we need to work together to solve it. We excel at collaborative discovery and are ready to help.

If you are struggling with your COVID-19 research and are having issues related to strategic solutions development, high-speed data movement, HPC, data optimization, cloud computing, optimizing workflows and pipelines, data visualization, or complex data management, please contact us for more information at coronavirus@bioteam.net.

*Subject to staff availability

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