AIRI 2017 – IT strategies to support scientific research

10 Oct 2017 AIRI 2017 – IT strategies to support scientific research

Chris Dagdigian was out and about once again this past week, presenting at the 2017 Association of Independent Research Institutes’ (AIRI) National Meeting, where he discussed approaches to dealing with main challenge we see in BioIT today, notably that

Science evolves faster than IT can refresh infrastructure, design patterns & operational practices and yet we have to build things that run for years, to support researchers who can’t articulate their needs beyond a few months.

Chris talked about specific strategies for compute, storage and networking and described practical infrastructure solutions implemented at various biotech organizations that have enabled IT to better meet the ever‐increasing speed of change in their institution’s research needs. He also described approaches to address the critical but complex issues of handling risk, security, governance and compliance issues in the research computing environment, a part of the organization that has more in common with the ‘Wild West’ than the civilized, law-abiding community that the InfoSec team might prefer!

The slides are available for download: Chris Dagdigian - AIRI National Meeting 2017 Presentation

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