BioTeam presenting at PEARC17, New Orleans

09 Jul 2017 BioTeam presenting at PEARC17, New Orleans

BioTeam will be in New Orleans this coming week attending the PEARC 17 conference (previously known as the XSEDE series). Bhanu Rekapalli and CEO Stan Gloss will be on site representing BioTeam at one of our favorite High Performance Computing events of the year. Bhanu’s presentation entitled “Advanced Research IT Solutions for Large-Scale Scientific Discoveries in Life Sciences” is at 2:30 – 3:00PM on Wednesday, July 12th.

Advanced Research IT Solutions for Large-Scale Scientific Discoveries in Life Sciences

The genomic revolution has led to a significant drop in the cost of sequencing of entire organisms including humans. This has led to a better understanding of the basic building blocks of life, diseases and increased medical knowledge. In turn, this has resulted in a plethora of new diagnostics tests and drugs. In particular advances in medical technologies such as medical imaging, molecular modeling and therapeutic devices have led to an exponentially growing data deluge in the life sciences. As a result, organizations are spending millions of dollars on IT infrastructure and IT support, both on-premises and in the Cloud, to store, analyze and access this data. Many of these organizations lack a dedicated research IT infrastructure and scientific IT support, their existing enterprise IT is ill prepared to deal with scientific workflows resulting in a large gap between science and IT. This is because IT has traditionally been the group that manages only the business and enterprise systems for an organization such as desktop support, email, web-services, HR, or databases. The consequence of this lack of a dedicated research IT within an organization is impacting the research of scientists and labs at different levels, from day to day IT related activities, to advanced scientific computing needs for large-scale analytics, to collaboration and data exchange with peers both within and outside of the organization.

BioTeam is a high-performance consulting practice dedicated to delivering objective, technology-agnostic solutions to life sciences researchers and staff. We engage with 50-60 organizations every year conducting assessment and designing and deploying customized research IT infrastructure and software solutions. In this presentation, we discuss various use cases of customized technologies and solutions driven by our clients’ needs and their scientific mission. Our assessments, designs and implementation plans for academic, government and commercial sectors have accelerated the pace of discoveries in life science and global health.

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