BioTeam events at BioIT World Expo, 2017

25 Apr 2017 BioTeam events at BioIT World Expo, 2017

BioTeam is excited to be back at BioIT World Expo once again! We’ll be manning our booth (#461) throughout the meeting, bring your challenging IT and Informatics problems and drop in for a live whiteboarding session to brainstorm some solutions!

BioTeam is also hosting the following events before and during the main conference:

Tuesday, May 23rd


12:30-4:00PM – Designing Storage Solutions for Life Sciences – a pre-conference workshop with Ari Berman and Aaron Gardner.

This comprehensive BioTeam workshop begins by framing the problem, highlighting needs, and outlining use cases for storage in life sciences. It next provides a thorough review of storage types, filesystems, networking considerations, and compute interactions. After covering service, management, and policy issues, this workshop will conclude with an interactive discussion.

Wednesday, May 24th


11:40AM – Networking and Data TransferAri Berman

Data generation throughout the life sciences research and healthcare domains has risen at a rate far beyond that predicted by Moore’s Law. As a result, organizations are accumulating 10’s to 100’s of petabytes (PB) of data, spending millions on storage systems, and doing it all in a manner consistent with out of date IT practices and policies. These practices include little to no data management, ineffective or non-existent data lifecycle policies, no metadata standards, and a dependence on network infrastructure and services that are unrealistic and unsustainable. In this presentation, we will discuss the general scope of the data generation landscape in Life Sciences as well as review generalized networking and security solutions that have successfully supported research missions throughout the industry and enable the of movement and sharing large amounts of data effectively and sustainably.

1:55PM – Tools and Techniques for Making Data Less Scary and More Visible – Asya Shklyar

Data management has been and is an ongoing and rapidly escalating problem in the research and commercial world. The talk aims to summarize the tools that can be leveraged to wrangle the data across multiple heterogenous sources and make it more quantifiable, searchable, parsable, and actionable, including software and hardware, open source, and commercial.


Thursday, May 25th


2:00PM – 4.00PM – BioTeam Micro-Symposium: 2017 Bio-IT Trends 

Since 2010, the “Trends in the Trenches” presentation, given by Chris Dagdigian, has been one of the most popular annual traditions on the Bio-IT Program. For 2017, the “Trends in the Trenches” presentation has evolved to feature more content, speakers, and interactive discussion.

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