Using Apple Siri To Orchestrate Experiments On The Cloud

25 Apr 2012 Using Apple Siri To Orchestrate Experiments On The Cloud


Talk to your experiments (and the cloud!)

BioTeam has had this cooking in the lab for a while now but now we can discuss it publicly! We’ve been working with our partners Accelrys and BT to demonstrate what we think is a really cool concept – using Apple Siri on iOS devices to interact directly with a cloud platform (BT Compute) and scientific analysis software (Accelrys Pipeline Pilot).

The screencast above shows a real (not faked) example of the prototype system we’ve been working on. For the screencast we’ve merged two separate screens — the iOS iPhone screen as well as the Pipeline Pilot console so people can see what is happening on both sides.

Drop us a line at, visit our booth at BioITWorld’12 or leave a comment if you like.

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