Backblaze Storage Pod

25 Aug 2011 Backblaze Storage Pod

Backblaze 2.0 w/ 45 disks installed - 3

Backblaze Pod Project: 135 Terabytes (raw) for $12,000

This is a placeholder page to centralize links related to the Backblaze 2.0 storage project. As we add more articles, posts or resources we’ll update this “central” post page.

Twitter screwup; the link to the “Why you should never build a backblaze pod” post is here:
Why You Should Never Build A Backblaze Pod

Articles, Posts & Pictures

Backblaze 2.0 pod with front chassis panel removed

Heed the warning

Backblaze + Openfiler NAS software

Backblaze 2.0 Installed

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