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10 Mar 2011 Grid Engine for Users

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Back in the day …

Way back in 2009 I placed an aging copy of my Grid Engine Administration training materials online. Response has been fantastic and it’s still one of the more popular links on this blog.


Well it’s probably past time I did something similar aimed at people actually interested in using Grid Engine rather than just administering it.

It’s not comprehensive or all that interesting but I am going to post a bunch of slides cherry picked from the collection of things I build custom training presentations from. Think of them as covering an intro-level view of Grid Engine use and usage.

Intro to Grid Engine Usage & Simple Workflows

There are two slide decks, both of which are mostly stripped of information that is unique to a particular client, customer or Grid Engine cluster.

The first presentation is a short and dry introduction aimed at a user audience – it explains what Grid Engine is, what it does and what the expectations of the users are. It then dives into commands and examples.

The second presentation is also aimed at a basic user audience but talks a bit more about workflows, pipelines and simple SGE features that make life a bit easier for people who need to do more than a few simple ‘qsub’ actions.

Sge user training 1
Grid Engine Introduction for Users
Sge user training 2
Simple Workflows with Grid Engine

Hope they are useful!

I’m posting these online in the hopes that they may be useful to some people. Your comments and feedback are welcome. All I ask is that our effort to assemble this material be respected – you are welcome to download, re-distribute etc. but please don’t be lame and strip our company out of the materials or otherwise try to pass these files off as your own creation.

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  • David Chin
    Posted at 16:48h, 21 February Reply

    Thanks! These are very useful for me since I’m new to SGE.

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