Amazon VPC Deployment Screencast

06 Dec 2010 Amazon VPC Deployment Screencast

Practical Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

A few things aligned last week Рnamely the fact that I was playing around with a newly acquired Juniper SSG-5 security gateway device at the same time I was testing both Amazon VPC and a new upgrade to some Camtasia Studio software.

The end result is a set of screencasts talking about Amazon VPC and how it is now in reach of smaller organizations now that Amazon is officially supporting smaller and more affordable VPN endpoint hardware.

  • Screencast #1 – This is a narrated powerpoint presentation talking about what VPC does and what it should (and should not!) be used for
  • Screencast #2 – This is also a narrated presentation where we provide more information about the actual device and how we plan to configure it for our VPC experiment
  • Screencast #3 – A proper screencast showing the “live” setup and deployment of a VPC connection between my home lab and Amazon Web Services

The presentations were produced for viewing at 800×600 resolution making them too large to embed within this blog post. Click on the pictures below to be taken to the hosting site. If you ‘hover’ your mouse over the flash movie, a table of contents will appear.

Practical Amazon VPC – Part 1 of 3 – Intro

Overview and introduction of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)


Practical Amazon VPC – Part 2 of 3 – Juniper SSG-5
A quick walk-through of the Juniper SSG-5 device and how it will be configured for the Amazon VPC deployment demo


Practical VPC – Part 3 of 3 – Live demo
Live screencast showing how to bring up an Amazon VPC link using a Juniper SSG-5 device


Feedback and comments are welcome, we are still kicking the tires on various tools and technologies for online training and technical writing. Let us know what you think. ¬†Does the 800×600 resolution mean that the file is too large to easily stream or watch?

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