Exploring the new AWS Compute Cluster EC2 Instances

19 Jul 2010 Exploring the new AWS Compute Cluster EC2 Instances

Note: Depending on how you found this post, it might be helpful to understand our own personal & professional biases. We are bioinformatics and HPC types specializing in life sciences, not people trying to build the next twitter or facebook. What we care about when it comes to AWS performance may not be what YOU care about. In particular there is a ton of internet information concentrating on methods for speeding up random IO access patterns on AWS. In our work, however, we seem to be more bound by the speed of long sequential reads (and sometimes writes). Parallel and serial scientific/HPC computing is different from building giant websites or databases.

In our work with Amazon Web Services we try to spend as much time as we can “kicking the tires” so we become better at building stuff that we and our clients can actually use. We also try to share our information as much as possible in the spirit of scientific collaboration & honest exchange.


This is a ’roundup’ or summary blog post where we’ll list out blog post or articles that discuss the new Amazon cc1.4xlarge Compute Cluster instances.

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