Slides from the Amazon Web Services Genomics meeting

08 Jun 2010 Slides from the Amazon Web Services Genomics meeting


I had the unenviable task of giving the first talk after James Hamilton presented the opening keynote at the Amazon Web Services Genomics meeting

James is one of the very very few people writing and talking in public about the sorts of things the mega internet scale companies are doing to drive costs down and recapture efficiencies. There are amazing lessons to be learned from what Microsoft, Amazon and Google (etc.) are doing deep within their datacenters but that info is very hard to find because it represents a competitive advantage. This is why whenever you see somethign cool coming out of a Google datacenter you can be sure that the info is at least a few years old …

This is the first time I’ve gotten a chance to see James present in person and it was fantastic. Hopefully AWS will release the video and slides soon.

Many of my “cloud talks” are focused on how to map HPC workflows onto cloud platforms and the various technical challenges & best practices involved. Today’s talk was far lighter and more “big picture” since I knew that the speakers coming after me were presenting deeply specific and technical works.

Talk slides in PDF form can be downloaded by clicking on the image below. Feedback welcome.

Video from the event is likely to be posted soon by Amazon.

UPDATE:  Crap. I misspoke during my talk when I was talking about how surprising it was to hear about Chef Usage at the 2010 BioITWorld Cloud Computing Workshop. I spaced out and said that “we” organized the cloud meeting. Totally wrong – the meeting was organized and run by Jason and the gang over at Cycle Computing. Really sorry about that – not intentional!

Download presentation slides

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