Thursday clinic

04 Feb 2010 Thursday clinic

Another interesting day is wrapping up down here. We had yet another record breaking day – with 315 patients. This is an all time single day record for Family Health Ministries. Perhaps more interesting, we broke the kilo-patient barrier with our week’s total well over 1,000.

We’re making do with supplies. Our group leader found a pharmacy and returned with half gallon jugs of liquid Tylenol, Expectorant, and other drugs. This brought our lack of plastic cups to the fore. We’ve been dispensing liquids in doubled ziplock bags. I’ve been enjoying watching the doctors exercise creativity in dealing with the problems we’re seeing using whatever is at hand. For our part, out in the pharmacy, we have a solid system. We have five of us out there. When a patient emerges from treatment, their chart goes on the bottom of a stack. We have two people filling perscriptions, a nurse and a translator handing them out and explaining the drugs, and two of us in the back feeding the pipeline for the other three. We worked flat out with that arrangement from 7:30 this morning through to 4:30 this evening, with a 45 minute lunch break.

We gained a volunteer for the day today. A nurse / EMT from Michigan, down with a group doing construction in Cite Soleil. There’s a very definite camaraderie when we see other Americans – even though we are a bit isolated in our little compound.

In between filling bags with drugs, we watched a man start to demolish his house with a 5lb sledgehammer. He was clever, careful, and absolutely relentless. He worked about the same hours that we did, and got through perhaps a quarter of the top floor.

Tomorrow will be the last day of clinic, and on Saturday we make the drive back through the DR to catch a plane home.

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