Big Storage

17 Sep 2008 Big Storage

82 terabyte desktop folder, originally uploaded by ChrisDag.

This screencap is from my Apple laptop; it’s a NFS mount to a *really big* folder hosted on the network.

~90 terabytes of storage in a single namespace/folder costs a million dollars or more if you go with the Tier 1 vendors and have to pay for a backup solution.

The system backing this storage volume cost a few hundred grand and that includes all the misc. infrastructure to support a 72 core Linux cluster, racks, networking, UPS batteries, redundant fiber channel switches, multipath storage access via clustered fileservers and a large tape library robot for backups.

We really like this system, expect to see BioTeam talking about the configuration and purchase process in an upcoming conference or whitepaper.

Props to: Chris Dwan, Mike Cariaso from BioTeam and Sam Farmer from Cambridge Computer.

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