WikiLIMS – Next-Gen Data Management

16 Apr 2008 WikiLIMS – Next-Gen Data Management

Excerpt from Mike Cariaso’s recent column in Bio IT World:

“…We’re now capturing data electronically with no human intervention required. A single device doing this isn’t particularly compelling, but two or more can be. The wiki becomes an electronic lab notebook written entirely by your machines. Because it can be viewed and edited with a Web browser, scientists can begin by using it as a web portal to recently completed analyses. Each discovery can be recorded into the wiki, one click away from the supporting raw data. Simple programs can build reports from or read and write into the wiki. An automatic full history of every page provides a safety net, and a way to view how our understanding of the data has evolved. This enables cycles in which humans and software each complement the other’s strengths.”

Read the full article here:

Download a PDF reprint here:

Inside The Box - April 2008

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