BioInform writeup on WikiLIMS

04 Feb 2008 BioInform writeup on WikiLIMS

BioInform has published a nice writeup on WikiLIMS. The full article is available at this link:

Feb 18 Update: A better link to the article was substituted into this post. The new URL:

A short excerpt the article:

“…These issues are particularly acute for many customers of next-gen sequencing instruments, Cariaso noted, because they are still familiarizing themselves with the type — and volume — of data being generated.

Dick McCombie, a Cold Spring Harbor researcher participating in the lab’s partnership with the BioTeam, agreed. “The data management with these new systems is the single biggest challenge, so we wanted to act pretty aggressively and go with people who we thought could speed up our getting a handle on this,” he said.

McCombie said that his group developed an in-house LIMS system for handling gel and capillary electrophoresis sequencing data, but when it came time to select a similar system for the lab’s Illumina Genome Analyzers, he decided to work with the BioTeam for several reasons.

First of all, he said, his team is still manually analyzing weekly production statistics and tracking the performance of its machines — a task that he’d like to automate as soon as possible, and thinks the BioTeam will likely “get that in place quicker than we would have by hiring people in-house.”

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BioInform writeup on WikiLIMS

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