iNquiry: End of Life

Bioteam is discontinuing development and new sales of the Inquiry software. While we intend to honor all current support contracts, we will not renew those contracts as of April, 2010.

For Apple servers, this means that OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) will be the last version of OS X for which we provide an Inquiry installer.

We will provide installation, upgrade, custom software development, and HPC configuration through our professional services offering. We expect most of these contracts to be simple time-based engagements.

Our goal with this decision is to provide a clear and sustainable way to support existing Inquiry installations and our long term customers while we focus on current company priorities, including WikiLims and our cloud computing offerings.

For information on this, please contact ""

Open Source Code

We intend to offer the majority of the Inquiry codebase under an open source license. The details of this are not yet complete.

Data Service and Patches

We will maintain the data service and software update servers through the expiration date of all inquiry support contracts. After that, they will be deactivated.